Maldives – Most Breathtaking pictures that you ever seen

Maldives, formally the Republic of Maldives, are a island country belonging of a aggroup of atolls in the Indian sea, Confederacy of Lakshadweep aggroup of islands of India, all but 7 hundred kms southwest of Sri Lanka. The 26 atolls comprehend a territory having 1,192 isles, roughly 200 of which are domiciled by citizenry. Get some package holiday deals for maldives
maldives Touristry is the areas greatest foreign central wage earner* and these exposures will appearance why the Maldive Islands is one of the beautiful aims on these creation.

maldives1Once it bears on de luxe travel, the Maldive Islands are acme of the ezine. At that place are pristine achromatic sands, the tropic clime and the adorable warm lagunas for a begin. Just that’s not all. We are babbling lavish resorts, fantabulous food for thought and some of the better dive in the cosmos.









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  1. Disney World says:

    Nice post thanks for sharing

  2. Amazing post thanks for sharing

  3. Nina Ozanne says:

    Fantastic picĀ“s! Very well done, makes me want to dream away from the autum storms…

  4. Dentist Waco says:

    Those were very nice pictures. I want to see their country and enjoy the scenery.

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  6. Harish says:

    just amaazzing …!!!!

  7. LadyinLove says:


  8. ikki oh says:

    nice picture thank for you sharing^^hope you can send more…..

  9. Fantastic. I only hope foreigners do not spoil it, who visit it in the garb of tourists.

  10. Pray, somebody, PLZ ANYBODY, tell me; what is ‘IMMODERATE’ in my comments as shown above, which is ‘awaiting moderation’?

  11. CY Lee says:

    Breathtaking beauties!!! Hope we can share our human wisdom to prevent Maldives from disappearing!

  12. zoran kralev says:

    halo halo halo halo…………………

  13. Chris says:

    My god these is breath taking place,….I will not die without going there!!!!….

  14. hakan says:


  15. A dream place which I’d love to go!!!

  16. john says:

    been there. seen it. absolutely amazing! especially when u go in a sea plane… u can see the islands from the sky like tiny dots. please do go there before its too late.

  17. usha says:

    Amazing……..BEAUTIFUL. pictures

  18. naseem says:

    Really amazing. I would like be there shortly.

  19. mahadeva says:

    nice posting thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  20. shahin says:


  21. faisal says:

    Above comments by ‘Muhabat ki Zuban’ are extremely valid & right, which i also support. Somehow it should be made sure that it’s authorities help to implement in letter & spirit, the good suggestions coming-forth from whatever source. And especially to ensure that the environment is not spoiled in return for a few or more dimes.

  22. Z.Nizaya says:

    I LOVE MALDIVES It’s Really Amazing,Beautyfull & Colourfull ………….Coooool

  23. Awesome I really say i have been never seen these all photo thanks for sharing and I would also sent this photo to my frnds

  24. Obrad says:

    Absolutley INCREDIBLE!

  25. angel piopongco says:

    wow, there is so wonderful Island……..

  26. zahy maldivian says:

    im a maldivian… visit here

  27. mobarak hossan says:

    We do’t want to loss this wonderful Island for “Carbon Dioxide” emitting by developed countries.

  28. meghana says:

    they were really breathtaking photos

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